Indonesia is one of the largest country in the world with varied geography, diverse cultures and rich history that have produced a rich tapestry of human settlements and architecture. From ancient temples of Java dedicated to gods and goddesses, vernacular buildings of more than 300 ethnic groups throughout the archipelago, European-influenced buildings of the colonial era, to the present-day skyscrapers, shopping malls and public housings; architecture continues to represent our diverse people and cultures.

The economic crisis of 1997 and the ensuing fall of New Order regime in 1998 had in effect liberated the market and paved the way for a new phase in contemporary Indonesian architecture where local talents were given opportunities previously reserved to foreign architects. Indonesian architects have since played a larger role; experimenting with new ideas and forms; and have been producing unprecedented body of works.

Today, Indonesian architectural scene is a lively mixture of optimism from the newly found openness and economic growth; and a heavy burden of coping with pressing social, environmental and infrastructural problems. While individual works have improved significantly in the last decade, the significance of contemporary architecture to the society at large is still uncertain.

Indonesian Architects Week @ Tokyo 2011 is an exhibition of contemporary Indonesian architects works: from emerging to established practice; from houses to high rise buildings; from competition schemes to built works from all over the vast archipelago. This exhibition aims to introduce Indonesian Architects to international public and open up dialogues with world architecture communities.

This exhibition is a collateral event of UIA2011Tokyo, the 24th World Congress of Architecture.


Andra Matin | Principal of andramatin

Andra Matin (Aang) was named one of the 101 most influential new architects in the 2007 edition of design magazine Wallpaper’s Architecture Directory. He is one of the founders of Arsitek Muda Indonesia (Young Architects of Indonesia, AMI), which has greatly influenced the progress of architecture in Indonesia. His publications include Haikk! in 2008 by Borneo publications. A frequent lecturer at universities in Indonesia he has won numerous awards including the Association of Indonesian Architects (Ikatan Arsitektur Indonesia, IAI), in 1999 and 2002, and in 2006 when he swept three out of the seven IAI awards on offer. His work has also appeared in Elle Décor UK October 2009, and three Japanese architecture magazines, GA Houses 112, 115 and 118.


Deddy Wahjudi | Principal of LABO.

Graduated from Institut Teknologi Bandung at 1996, Deddy continued his master program in Urban Design studies at Nihon University, Japan(1998-2000) and doctoral in Design & Culture at Chiba UniversityJapan (2002-2005). During 2005-2006 he received research grant from Obayashi Foundation for Post-Doctoral program in theme of Urban & Culture. He worked for Biro Arsitektur Achmad Noe’man, Cesar Pelli & Associates Japan, and Takenaka Corporation Japan. In 2006 he established LABO., a research-based design firm. Currently he is a lecturer in Faculty of Fine Arts & Design Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia on the research interest of Environmental Design.  


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